Mid-Summer Update

Has been a while since my last post. 

The Easy Numbers tracking session at TickleBelly Hill was a very rewarding experience. I learned that the trick to great sounding drums is indeed a great sounding room. That barn has magical qualities...a touch of reverb controlled with diffusion and great absorption into the aged wood. When listening back to the drum sound I was blown away and excited for the future projects that will find their way to TickleBelly.

Work has begun on Sam Astorino's solo record which I'm currently mixing. As well, production begins Sunday for the debut EP from the Torino's. Pre production is complete and everyone is ready to lay it down.

One of the tracks from the Sticky Bandits EP, The Devil's Out Tonight, made it to the CBC's summer playlist and has been heard frequently by many new listeners. 

This summer found me working with Signature Sound in Fredericton. The world of live sound and stage production  is a new frontier for me, well on that level. Certainly getting an education on power distribution. Good times.

I've joined the ranks of Earthbound Trio this summer and have been busy playing shows all over NB including Follyfest, Evolve, Dooryard Festival, Hullabaloo, and Rising Tide Festival. I'm 8 shows in and loving playing for people on a regular basis again. I think we've agreed to rename the band Earth Bound. But, we'll see...

All for now.